Craftmanship and quality of manufacturing has always had luxury appeal.  Each season we design and develop a collection of a selected number of creatively designed, on trend, versatile styles for both men a women.  



We use the finest of fabrics imported from Europe, natural sustainable fibres such as merino wool, cashmere, silk, linen, bamboo, lyocell and, of course, fine cottons.  All are finished to achieve a tactile, natural hand feel for comfort and style. We avoid oil based synthetics fabrics common in the fast fashion industry.


Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It is timeless and sustainable, striking the balance between classic & contemporary design. We design and develop inspiring fashion and "much-loved" styles that stand the test of time - individual pieces or coordinated looks for your career, special occasion weekends or an exotic getaway.




Our Collections are made using premium, refined fabrics that are mostly made from natural fibres, some blended to create drape, comfort and wearability.
We don't create fashion for mass appeal but, instead, design our collections for individual taste, versatile lifestyle and longevity, ignoring trends that come and go.  We want your selection to be as individual as you are.



The designer works directly with atelier tailorscollaborating on shape, cutting and finer details. Further, we offer made to measure service on the majority of our styles for a perfect fit.  These are TAILORED to your body shape in beautiful, imported fabrics from Europe.


We believe in ethical, fair pricingnot charging inflated prices like many luxury brands do. Many of our styles are a third the cost of well known luxury brands yet using the same fabrics and are individually crafted in the same high quality manufacturing process.



  This is the opposite to the poor quality, high volume clothing made by high street retailers, whose products wear out quickly, shrink, twist and fade, soon becoming throw away articles which are a huge waste of resources and a major waste disposal problem.
We follow fashion tendencies not trends designed for mass consumer appeal that lacks individual expression and are neither tactile nor much loved.
Our styles are designed with precision, passion and purpose so that you will feel confident that your selection will stand the test of time and be as unique as you are.