Slow Luxury Fashion - A Popular Trend

Is Slow fashion and sustainable fashion the same thing? 

Do a Google search for the words slow fashion and sustainable fashion are you will find and increasing number of references that tie the 2 concepts together.

What is the connection? Sustainable fashion means that the raw materials and production methods used to manufacture garments are selected to maximise the use of renewable, natural fibres and the production processes maximise the use of renewable energy sources and minimise the use of other resources, particularly water.  One of the major benefits of this approach is that the emission of the gases that cause global warming is minimised.

But consumption or over buying and disposal of garments is another part of sustainability that is increasingly being recognised.  People are realising that so-called fast fashion is not unstainable and that garments must be worn longer.

This is the concept of slow fashion, the idea that garments that are sustainably made fit well and feel good and will be kept for longer by consumers.  This will reduce the overall consumption of the fibres and other resources used to make garments and reduce the environmental impact of disposing discarded garments.

So the two concepts rely on each other for the benefit of a future more sustainable world